How To Build a Bookcase, Part One

13 thoughts on “How To Build a Bookcase, Part One”

  1. first- congratulations on such a wonderful job done. The book case along with the fire place is looking just beautiful. Second- hats off to you for doing it yourself. you may realize I say this because we Indians are not very DIY people. I would feel daunted just by the thought of doing something like this on my own. Even though I’ve experienced the joy of creating something on my own( when I painted my daughter’s room) I cannot bring myself to believe that I can accomplish something like this. Inspired by you !!🙂

    1. Thank you my friend! I think, no, I know you can do it! I am interested in what you said about “we Indians are not very DIY people.” Is that the culture? That you hire people for such jobs? Do you have many home improvement stores available to you where you can get materials for building and can wander around in and get ideas? Or is home improvement a world that seems unavailable to you even if you were interested? I walk around Home Depot like most women I know walk around clothing stores!🙂 Interesting how varied we are in what we do and don’t do.

      1. Its true that we Indians as people are not very Diy people. Maybe its a part of our culture that work is compartmentalized. the beginings of the caste system in Vedic India was rooted in the occupation. The ‘Brahmins’ read and taught and passed on the wisdom from generation to generation. The ‘Kshtriyas’ were the warriors, the ‘Vaishyas’ were the traders and the ‘Shudras’ were the menial workers. Later on these castes came to be fixed by birth and then were overridden by many bad and inhuman practices like ‘Untouchability’. This is a huge topic. But getting back, I think its in the psyche to let respective people do their work and earn their living.
        And then we don’t have big stores where you get all things needed for doing up your home under a roof. So we go to different stores for different needs, order the supplies and then get the work done by hired personnel. And if I were to suggest that I do all the wood, paintwork and masonry, I’m sure people here would think me to be a bit out of my head!!🙂🙂

      2. Thank you for such a thoughtful response to my question. Fascinating, isn’t it, our cultures, our history and how they shape our worlds. You mention, and I like the idea you stated, “I think its in the psyche to let respective people do their work and earn their living.” Not only do I like your statement but I am touched by its irony. I say this because I got into DIY only after spending 7 months calling 8 contractors to do a job for me and I could not get a SINGLE ONE to even call me back. I tried to hire someone to do the job and it was because I could not get them to respond that, if I wanted to finally get the job done, I was left with no choice but to learn the work myself. And learn I did. I sure hope when you call, the professionals call you back!🙂

      3. Here, thankfully, they do respond and once things fall in place get to work, immediately. The only little problem is if they say the work will complete in 10 days, we know its going to be 30!!🙂

      4. We get the same thing on how long the project will be, at least your people start immediately! Send some of that our way!!! Wishing you the best my friend!🙂

  2. Wow! I am so impressed with you and your talent! This is just AWESOME! I would love to have something just like this in my living room, but even with all of your wonderful instruction, this is not a project I could EVER do myself. I showed the your handiwork to my husband, and he said, you know, we could build something like this in our LR, (and by “we” he means “him”, because I’m just there for moral support)! So, maybe…after the bathroom and family room is finished, we can build some bookshelves too!
    The final look of your project is just stunning. I would love to hire you as my interior decorator…you really have a gift and talent, my friend. Well done…stand back, and be proud…YOU did it!🙂

    1. YAY! Becky is getting bookshelves… and a new bathroom… and a new family room! I just got an idea. You can come to Camp Charlotte. It can be a DIY camp and we build stuff and do all those things that we think we can’t and then, after the day is done and all the power tools are safely put away, we can break out the gin and tonics, sit on the porch and celebrate our building successes! Your husband will then have to be relieved of his building duties because you can take over and well, I guess he’ll just have to spend more time on the golf course instead!🙂 Thank you for all your kind words, you brought a huge smile to my face and thank you too for liking my quirky house full of colorful fun. You’re awesome!🙂

  3. You wonderful and absolutely beautiful ladies have inspired me by your conversation and accomplishments. Just the thought of DIY is wonderful in itself. Get after it!!! Mostly all true accomplishments are the residue of well thought common sense ideas. Just take enough time to think them through, write them down to visualize them, then ACT!!!! Congratulations!!!

    1. Why thank you, Louis! Sorry for the delay in my response but I have been busy with the DIY projects and haven’t been on the computer much! Oh I hope to be able to get photos up as yes indeed so much has changed since those early shots. It just takes this ole girl awhile to get ‘er all done!!! Thanks again for stopping by and your comment. I sure hope the new year has been treating you well.🙂

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