Enjoying The Process

4 thoughts on “Enjoying The Process”

  1. OK, I still think they’re spectacular. I get a bit light-starved up here in the PNW, and this looks like bliss…so I’m glad you’re enjoying it.I can imagine the light being inspirational for working, but at the same time, the view would distract me. But that would be OK!

    1. Thanks Lynn. It really is lovely and I love the south east light. It is distracting at times, because I always see something in the yard that needs work. (I am a reforming plant killer) but you know I am learning to live with it!๐Ÿ™‚ I have moved my computer to the front of the house, still have a window, MUST have a window, but I get done at it what I must and that leaves the family room for relaxing and sitting at night with the lights off and just watching the shadows through all that glass. Maybe I am silly, but I love shadow watching. Do you use SADD lighting? I have heard it helps. They are probably a best seller in Seattle!

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