Let There Be Light (and Warmth)!

34 thoughts on “Let There Be Light (and Warmth)!”

      1. Sun in your mind can work very nicely, remember you gotta take the weather with you! And oh a rainy day, when you can curl up with a good book, I’m not sure there is anything more relaxing and good for what ails ya!🙂

  1. Beautiful! Looks pretty comfy, cozy!
    I won’t tell you what the temp is here right now…o.k. I will!🙂 Let’s just say Blackberry would be enjoying the sunshine, outside on our deck right now!

    1. We’re making it here in Montgomery! Just looked at the forecast… HELLO 70’s! I just love the 70’s – I can put the top down on my car. Always feels good when I can drive topless in December!!! Enjoy that beach for me okay!🙂

  2. At least you still have leaves on the trees…or is this a picture from another time? It is ugly here in the north country. And cold. All the time. But when the snow falls freshly, it is beautiful.

    1. Hi Ann! The pic was taken this morning and fortunately most of our trees are evergreens. I love having leaves year around. When we lived in South Bend, IN it was sad for me, no leaves. But see I was raised in So. Florida so South Bend was too much of a shock to my system!!! The freshly fallen snow is beautiful… when you can stay home and enjoy it by looking out the window. But I hating driving in it! Never, ever got used to driving in snow. Stay warm girl!🙂

    1. You are so right – we can learn so much from observing animals. In many ways they are smarter than we are. Loving the doors and today it is back to our more normal weather – got to drive to work with the top down! Ah, life is good!🙂

      1. Okay, so I am doing this only because I am mean – I am really, really mean – today’s high is 80 degrees baby. Another rag top day!!!!🙂

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