How To Tile A Fireplace Surround

14 thoughts on “How To Tile A Fireplace Surround”

  1. we Indians are the most un-DIY people. maybe because we can easily get the work done by others. I’m overwhelmed and awed to see your work. It’s amazing and I can feel how gratifying it must be to see your idea come to life and that too all done by yourself. Enjoy!!!🙂

    1. So interesting that you say that it is so easy to get work done by others in India. I have had absolutely the opposite experience. So opposite in fact that’s why I learned to do so much home remodeling – I couldn’t get a contractor to call me back let alone come to my house and do the job. I found it was just easier and less headache to do the work myself! Well, just think of all I have learned because of it! How’s that for a positive spin!🙂

      1. That’s exactly the point! you learn so much when you do it all by yourself and you learn not just about the work you’ve taken up but also about yourself. The biggest DIY job I did was to paint furniture portions in my daughter’s room when we first prepared her room, and that felt wonderful and I realized that I could do it. I proudly showed my work to all our friends who visited. Which is why what you do inspires me! Maybe some day I’ll take up something more challenging!!🙂

      2. Move to America and you will have to learn!🙂 You are absolutely right though Hema. I have learned a lot about patience, perseverance and myself through construction. The result- the fireplace, the bookcase, the painted piece of furniture is an outward manifestation of an inward growth. Gosh you are so smart! I like having smart friends!!!!🙂

    2. As an Indian I completely agree. The only thing my dad can do is change a light bulb. After buying a house in the US I have learnt to mow a lawn, paint walls, cabinets, fix minor plumbing issues and recently also tiled my laundry room.

      1. Awesome! You just don’t know what you can do until you are pushed to do it! I didn’t know about DIY until I couldn’t get a contractor, so I was like, “Guess I got some learning to do because it looks like I’m going to have to do this myself.” And you know, I haven’t looked back. Hope you feel the same way and so glad you’re in our club!🙂

  2. Yes, I think you did mention how much you love DIY! I love the distrustful support wedge! Makes sense to me. And the slate looks really nice – it’s a nice material, isn’t it? And you can always jot notes on it if you’re short of paper…😉 (I think I like the shot of you laying back & looking over your work best.)

    1. I like laying on my back too! Plopping, preferably in my jammies, is one of my favorite past times! And I like your idea for your use of slate. I was just using chalk today, drawing on the deck and the house’s sheathing, planning for where the doggy door is getting installed. I think rather than putting the chalk away I will just leave it on the mantle for those flashes of brilliance that have to be jotted down. Also good for impromptu games of tic tac toe.🙂

  3. Reading the comments above about Indians, I happen to be one and I agree that Indians coming from India are used to work done for them but Indians comming from say UK (that’s where I came from) are very hard working and have confidences to do almost anything that needs done and we do it, lot of us started our entepenurship in Hotel business, we’ve done every job you can imagin, we stand ready to do what ever needs done 24 hours a day to pay our burrowed money and succeed in life to make a better life for our children and our self. Harish Patel

    1. Thanks for your comment, I enjoy getting perspectives beyond my own – that makes for an awesome discussion! And it’s so very true what you say, you learn to do what you must do to get the job done and indeed that attitude is a crucial ingredient to success. Glad you stopped by! Charlotte🙂

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