25 thoughts on “Renewal”

  1. Good grief girl, are you trying to kill me??? Removing a 600 square foot deck was about all this ole girl can take anymore. But, I will file away your suggestion if I am ever in the mood to just go crazy!πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. The link you provided was not to your site, but I did not give up and found your you and your Geometry photos!πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and taking time to leave me a comment. I love your interpretation of “renewal” also! Been there, done that many times. The end results do make it all worthwhile! :)! Good luck and post a picture when you are finished. I’d love to see it!

    1. Thank you and so glad to receive you as company! I was impressed with your attitude and willingness to embrace change and see it as an opportunity to embark on a new adventure! As soon as the project is done, you betcha there will be a post!πŸ™‚

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