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The Angry Monster In Me Social Story

The first time I saw the creator of Social Stories, Carol Gray speak was in 1996. She became one of my early autism heroes – those people I looked up to for information and support and HOPE. There was a time I even considered moving to Jenison, Michigan with Teddy so he could go to school with her, someone who actually UNDERSTOOD him. We never did move to Jenison, but just the thought that I could oddly comforted me. After that first time hearing Carol, if a conference within five hours of me featured her, I went. Her perspective and compassion towards the autistic students she worked with, and clearly loved, moved me. Especially in those early years, when Teddy was having so much trouble in school, and I felt so terribly isolated, it was comforting to know someone in the world cared and understood. I bought her book as a reference tool and to share with school and I had a subscription to The Morning News, a quarterly publication she produced. Each time a …


Behaving In My Class Social Story and Tips On How To Write Your Own

School is about to start and that means a lot of anxious kids and parents out there. I remember the trepidation that came with the transition from summer to school. So with that in mind, I got out my trusty K-3 notebook and dusted off another Social Story I wrote for Ted when he was about to begin Kindergarten. Maybe this story can work as a template for you to use to write your own story. And, if you are interested in writing your own, here are a few tips to make the writing even easier… 1. Use specifics unique to your child. Use the names, locations, schedules, etc your child will be exposed to in their day. The idea is for the story to help reduce anxiety by making them feel more familiar with a new situation. 2.┬áMake it age appropriate. Use language and sentence structure similar to your child’s other reading materials. Use larger font for younger kids. 3. Explain simply the whys of the desired behavior, the consequences for not following the …