Weekly Photo Challenge
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

motherhood moment.jpg

I can hear my mother’s words, “Your life can completely change in just a split second.”

How is it mothers are so right?

This is my most life changing Split Second.

As I looked at my first-born for the first time my life forever changed. No more was life “me”, it was now, and would be for decades to come, “we”.

As it should be.

I had no idea the specific details of what lay ahead, those details were completely irrelevant at that moment. I just knew whatever came our way, the good and the bad, we would experience it, together.


That to me defines my most wonderful role in life, mother.

Tell me, please, what is your most significant Split Second?

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    • Thanks Kathryn! I think every mama feels as I do even when we are 20+ and 30+ years past that split second! :-) Welcome back. Sounds and looks like you have been having a GREAT time of it lately!

  1. This split second is rich in story and meaning. :-) Beautiful moment and photo here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Imelda. It stands as one of those all time Split Seconds and life changing moments as I am sure most mothers would agree. :-)

  2. Beautiful photo. Mine would be the night Irish showed up at our door…lost and cold in the snow. She looked in the window at me, and I couldn’t help but fall in love for her. Now here we are, over three years later, and so much has happened since that night…don’t know what I’d do with out her puppy-dog silliness, and her unconditional acceptance and love.

    • Awesome! Our dogs do that for us, they make life more complete and your story is testimony to how, what you need, finds you. In Irish’s case, quite literally. Love her up as I know you do! :-)

  3. Ahh, what a beautiful photo! I was thinking of doing something similar, but you beat me to it! :) This life changing moment…yep, it happens in a split second! I agree, there’s no turning back, and there’s nothing quite like it!

    • Amen sister! And, of course, great minds think a like. When I saw the challenge, it took only a split second to think of this photo. :-)

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