Weekly Photo Challenge
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


It’s Memorial Day weekend, the ceremonial beginning of summer and here in the deep south we had a day that lived up to the occasion. 92 degrees and a clear blue sky. The perfect time to sit on the back porch and enjoy an afternoon gin and tonic with a fresh lime twist, of course.

May everyone’s weekend be full of warm sunshine and pleasant twists!

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  1. Wait! There are only 2 drinks sitting on that table – shouldn’t there be one more, for me? It looks absolutely refreshing. I hope the drink as well as the time it took to sip it was wonderful. I always enjoy your creativity!

    • Where is my southern hospitality?!? How rude of me! Well I guess it will just have to be a do over then. Gin and tonics with a lime twist for EVERYONE! :-) Thanks for making me laugh Becky!

      • Ahhh, much better. I can already taste it! Thank you so much! :)

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