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Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

love l&i.jpg

A good work of art, for me, is something I not only see with my eyes, but feel in my heart.

The story of this photo, this Work of Art, began on May 2nd when my phone rang while standing in, of course, Home Depot.

It was my daughter.

“Mom,” she said with words that filled one long cascading breath, “I am with the sweetest dog, he was in the kill shelter and no one adopted him so my residence hall director Michelle is fostering him, both his front legs have been broken and they didn’t heal right and he walks kinda funny and he hasn’t been fed and his little ribs stick out, but he is the sweetest little dog and I love him and he needs love and well, can we adopt him?”

How do you say no to that?

How do you say no to a young woman who wants to protect and nurture life’s most delicate?

So yesterday we made the four-hour drive to her university town to meet the newest member of our family.

Here is our daughter with Tim, her little five pound chihuahua love.

As I sat and watched the affection so freely flow from her I knew I was looking at not only a work of art, but a masterpiece of all that is good in life.

Love. Unconditional, sweet and voluminous love.

In a world that can so often be cruel and ugly and unforgiving my daughter gives me hope.

Tim will have reconstructive surgery on his legs in just a few days and then he will come home to live with us.

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    • I think his eyes are bigger than he is… and melt we did! Looking forward to the little guy successfully making it through surgery and coming home to us to recuperate and begin anew! :-)

  1. Your story about your daughter and the cute little dog touched me deep in my heart. It is really a work or art, work of heart ;)

    • Thanks Lynn. Looking forward to bringing the little guy home from the hospital in a few days. Wow, didn’t think I would ever write such a sentence again! :-)

  2. This is precious – What a sweet, and tender heart she has. I know you are overflowing with pride for her, as well you should be. Well done, Charlotte…this is a moment to cherish and be proud of as a parent! You did good! :)

    • Thank you, Becky. I am indeed very proud of her. She is intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive and sincere. I won the lottery when I got her! :-)

  3. You and your daughter are blessed with each other. I hope that adorable dog is recuperating well from his surgery. He’s a winner! I want to re-blog this touching post so others can see him and appreciate the special heart of your daughter.

    • Hi Patricia! Thanks so much for the reblogging and for your kind words. I am indeed a woman who is fortunate beyond belief. My daughter brings me joy in so many ways and Tim is just the most recent manifestation of that joy! He is doing wonderfully. He is sweet and his loving disposition and outward expressions of happiness and generosity to all has convinced me he is a poet.

    • Thank you. Raising children is a multi-decade project and it is very confirming to see the lessons we as parents work so hard to instill are indeed learned. :-)

    • Oh yes Sharon, yes! I imagine such a world often and am so very, very grateful the little part of the world I just might have been able to impact is positive, loving and as you said, healing. :-)

  4. Just beautiful, thank you. My heart melted too, not only for Tim (may he have full function soon of his legs) but for you and your daughter.

    • Thank you. Susan. Three weeks down, three weeks to go and then I can easily imagine Tim running around like greased lightening. For now, I enjoy endless hours of lap time with my new little buddy and how he represents the fulfillment of my mothering dreams, a daughter who cares about the world’s creatures. :-)

    • Thank you! I am so glad to have such a story to share and to hear from you that happy stories are still appreciated in this world! :-)

  5. What a heart warming story. I hope the surgery on that tiny fellow goes well. Blessings to you and your family.


    • Thank you, Yvonne. Tim is doing great. He is snoozing on my lap as I type this! I feel like a new mother, and this little dog and my daughter remind me of just how special caring for another living creature is! All the best to you and yours. :-)

  6. This is one of those moments in life I think as a parent when you just stand back and beam. What a wonderful and warm person your daughter seems to be. And of course you were right…how could anyone say no….

    • :-) No was never an option. And yes, she makes me so very proud. She is the embodiment of all my mothering dreams – so adopt a sweet dog on her behalf. Heck ya!

  7. What a lovely, lovely feel-good story/post! Thank you for sharing. I am smiling broadly as I type. D:

    • Thank you, Lee-Anne. So glad to share and just as glad to know people still like a feel-good story. It makes me happy to think we brought a smile to your face. May that smile remain! :-)

  8. Now, for the fairytale to be complete, that surgery will be 100% successful, and Tim will become the family guard dog and protector. Size has nothing to do with it – these little guys can show the spirit of a lion!

    • You make me smile because oh my, you are spot on. His surgery went well and although he is not to walk much right now and thus on our lap a great deal of the time, he is showing he is 5 pounds of pure spunk. He is going to be a spark plug when he gets moving!!! :-)

  9. What a beautiful story and photo. Your daughter has a loving, generous heart. I’m so glad to hear that Tim is doing well and will be romping about once he’s healed from surgery. Blessings.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! My daughter is indeed a loving young woman and already Tim has brought much to our lives. I feel sorta like a new mom again, but you know, when I think about it, being a new mom was a pretty exciting thing! One more week and off come the casts. I have a strong suspicion Tim is going to keep me running! :-)

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