Weekly Photo Challenge
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

sheets in the sun.jpgMy sheets drying in the warm sunshine is one of the many glories of spring.

Ah yes, the sleeping will be good tonight.

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    • Thank you! I was seeing spots for awhile after I took the photo, but anything for art, right! :-)

  1. Perfect!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, the sheets must smell so sun washed and soul lifted. Deep breath and happy sigh. What a wonderful response to the challenge.

    • Why thank you! Call me old fashioned but I love hanging clothes on the line. The smell of the sheets and clothes and just being outside on a sunny, breezy day just seems to make a chore feel well, a little less like a chore! So glad you stopped by. :-)

  2. I love all those trees! :) I can honestly say I have never hung my sheets out to dry…. It sure is a delightful picture!

    • Thanks Becky. My husband got me a laundry line for my birthday several years ago and I can honestly say I looked at him with a “really” sort of look. You know, not exactly a girl’s dream present but I love it and all spring and summer WE, (because I have that boy do laundry too!) use the line for almost everything but towels and I love what it does to the clothes. Towels are a definite no as they just get crunchy! :-)

  3. I’m with you – but oh, it’s been years since I’ve slept on sheets hung in the sun, years. Looking up at them was a good idea!

    • Thanks Lynn! Not only by looking up did I capture the sun in just the perfect spot but I DIDN’T capture the weeds beneath the sheets that desperately need to be tended too! Oh, did I just let out a secret or what! :-)

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