Because It’s a Beautiful Song and Three Minutes Spent Listening to a Beautiful Song is Three Minutes Well Spent

Do you have days where a song seems to continuously play in your head?

It becomes like the day’s theme song.

Sometimes the song is obnoxious and try as you might you can’t get it out.

20 years after potty training my son, sometimes I can still hear, “The Potty Song”.


Today, luckily, a beautiful song is playing and it makes me feel good, and I thought, who doesn’t want to feel good.

So please, sit down, make yourself comfortable for just three short, wonderful minutes and enjoy…

Catch the Wind by Donovan Leitch


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6 thoughts on “Because It’s a Beautiful Song and Three Minutes Spent Listening to a Beautiful Song is Three Minutes Well Spent

  1. A beautiful song indeed! When I first read this, I thought the song was going to be about potty training :) … I must admit, I’m glad I listened to it and found out differently! It’s one of those kind of songs that all of the sudden you just find yourself swaying and smiling. I love the windmills too – we have rows and rows of them in S.Calif in the desert.
    Have yourself a beautiful week Charlotte!

    • “a real oldie”… Hey be careful there… that song came out in 1965- the year I was born!!! :-) And as far as making it today, sadly no. When I think of all the movies I love, particularly Hitchcock, Rear Window and Rope, no blood, no gore, you don”t see the actual crime, strictly psychological- no way would they be made today. And one Sunday afternoon my daughter and I watched Pillow Talk and she really enjoyed herself, the simplicity must have been so novel for her! :-)

    • Oh thank you for sharing. Thank you. Love the image and words.The message, oh how I have thought so many times about that thought, about how making a profession from something, how the earning of money skews your motivation. You might not think so, you might think you are above your motivations being altered, but it does. This one, I will tuck away in my inspiration file.

      • I’m glad you liked it – it’s fun sharing things you find “out there” – but I think it’s that we wouldn’t want a world without people making their living from art, so I think of it more as a cautionary tale. I would LOVE to make a living from art, but that quote would be a crucial reminder along the path.

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