Weekly Photo Challenge
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

royal flush l&i.jpg

The moment I got home I popped the top on my new can of paint.

Look at this pot of luscious magenta.

I can’t wait to see this magnificently saturated color on my wall.

You know, life is just too short to be neutral.

This girl is crossing the threshold of a painting adventure!

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    • Thanks Tina, I will! Gotta get a bit more paint to finish it up but it is gorgeous so far! Now I have to have a dinner party in my Royal Flush dining room! :-)

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    • Good question. Long pause while I go and measure…. 11 1/2′ x 13 1/2′ with a very large western facing window and 4, yes 4 doorways.

      • Wow, OK, so that color is going to be very impactful (hey spell check says that I’m not using a real word, I’m shocked) Curious now to see the finished room and what you are going to put on the walls.
        Also, don’t envy the detail painting work around the door frames.

      • Finished painting last night and I am SORE! Taping and painting around crown moulding, chair rail AND baseboards, up and down the ladder 42,593 times and two doors and four doorways (removed 2 doors, I mean really how many doors can one room stand?!?) The room is like HELLO, I’m HERE! And I love it! Funny, I am quiet in person, don’t like to draw much attention to myself but my home and my color choices are anything but! Heading to the beach for a few days then will be back to finish up and post pictures. Thanks for stopping by and your curiosity. Yep, this is the first dining room I’ve seen that is magenta! :-)

        p.s. I get a squiggly line for impactful too but I stick my tongue out at spellcheck. I also want to lobby the dictionary people to recognize “funner” a word!

      • Yeah, when I read how many doors that room had in your original post, I kind of groaned inwardly at the amount of work that was going to require to paint the room properly, and with a color like that you did need to do it right. Have a good few days off, you deserve it. I’m glad you like your new room and I’ll look forward to seeing the photos.
        Also, any derivative of fun that brings even more fun to a situation should be a word :)

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  7. Nice! I can’t wait to see the finished product. When we were first married and lived in apartments, I always said, if I ever get the opportuninty to own a home, there will not be a single white/beige wall in the house. So far…I’ve kept that promise, and I love it! :)
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your popping pink (magenta) walls!

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