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I was feeling unsettled yesterday.

A little lost.

And a lot unfocused.

So I did what I do when I feel this way.

I went outdoors.

I sat still and concentrated on the sounds around me.

The birds.

The breeze.

Yes, you can hear the breeze when you stop to listen.

All these sounds come together and form the beautiful music that is external peace.

Then I began to notice I was also tuning in to what I heard inside me and even although I thought I was lost, I realized I wasn’t lost at all.


Even in times such as this when I have heard too much news, soaked in too many negative and hypocritical people, when I get to thinking the world really just sucks, I see something that is beautiful and all that suck melts away.

Beauty trumped ugliness yesterday.

Somewhere in that quiet time of listening, sight had joined my sensual chorus.

I saw a decades old shelf recently removed from my son’s bathroom sitting next to our newly built planter.

I saw how lost becomes found.

The wood of the shelf waiting to be taken to recycling was beside the wood of the container garden supporting new life for the fruits of this summer.

shelf l&i.jpg

Unsettled happily gave way to Inspired and I went inside to get my camera and began to stroll around the yard focusing and celebrating the various representations of beauty that fills my space and thus my life.

I saw how the sky blue color was the reason for my attraction to this tiki torch…

torch l&i.jpg

And how new life emerges amongst the old…

new life l&I.jpg

And how two plastic flamingos remind me of the most beautiful person I know, my daughter. And how, although she is off at college, she is never far from me because I can always see something as silly as two plastic flamingos and instantly be with her. In those flamingos I will always hear her say, “I want this one. I’m not going to discriminate against him because he has one eye. That’s just how he is and I like him. He is just as good as the others and I want to give him a home.” Then she asked, “Can we get two so he’ll have a friend?”

flamingos l&i.jpg

And I saw how the most striking and abundant flowers in our yard are the ones I didn’t plant…

pretty plants l&i.jpg

And how this wind chime in the memorial garden made for my dog Buffett honors the spot where she went to die…

wind chime l&i.jpg

And how, while remembering Buffett, I saw her sister sleeping in the warm sun…

Blackberry l&i.jpg

And how my heart, like a dandelion, isn’t really so bad…

dandelion heart l&i.jpg



    • Hi Imelda! Thank you! Painting the dining room so I am having fun. Sure hope you have a great day too! :-)

  1. Nice pictures! I think we all know this feeling…”even in times such as this when I have heard too much news, soaked in too many negative and hypocritical people”, then I want to go out, walking or take my bike and just enjoy simple things, the sun, the nature…

    • Amen Margot! Being outside does wonders for me. Now I don’t know if that would still be the same if I worked as a roofer in July! :-) I think we loose touch with our natural rhythms and it takes being amongst nature to get back in synch. May your days be filled with walks, bike rides and sunshine!

  2. Oh, I really enjoyed this! It was like you had your own little “Thankful Thursday” on Wednesday! :)
    I love the flamingos, I love the flowers, and the last picture…perfect! I think we all need these days, these moments of reflection, to focus, or “re-focus”, and gain our footing on solid ground. It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of this crazy world, I’m glad you were able to find these special moments of inspiration to give you a much needed boost!
    Keep looking for those beautiful things Charlotte!

    • Thank you Becky! I have been happily immersed in all my projects lately, but yesterday I was tired and didn’t want to work and without that I did feel lost. But you know, I love how the universe works, it took my tired body and slowed me down and it also inspired me to do something I haven’t been able to do for a long while and that take photos and want to write. I enjoyed myself and I hope it inspires others to take a moment and do nothing. It can be inspiring, doing nothing! I appreciate, as always your kind words and you know, I didn’t even think of it, but your right, it’s Thankful Everyday!:-)

  3. We can count on going outside and just listening to bring us back to our sane senses, can’t we? That last photo – wow, Charlotte, that is just so damn good! Better get your copyright on it! Oh, you did – smart, as usual. I love it. And the way you gently lead us, taking just the right amount of time, with just the right images and words, through your inner journey. Very satisfying.

    • Why thank you, Lynn! :-) And you are so right, as usual, going outside does indeed bring us back to our senses. There is something about slowing down and listening, to nature and to our natural selves, it works every time. I think we often get so far removed from our natural side, the world it seems does not cater to that part ourselves. We are though animals after all… :-)

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