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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

James Clapper

I have a companion. He’s with me on every phone call I make, every email and text I write. He knows my every Google search, and what’s more, he cares about my actions and how I spend my time so much he holds on to everything I do, like cherished memories in a scrapbook. So that maybe one day, if he gets to thinking about me, all he has to do is go to his metadata storage facility in Utah and he can revisit all those old times.

Yes, my companion is James Clapper, Director of U.S. National Intelligence.

For more Companions and information about the Weekly Photo Challenge, you and Director Clapper, your companion too, can click here.

Photo credit: Associated Press


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  2. Big Brother is watching you :lol: Hi, do you mind sending me the link of your post that earned the Freshly Pressed badge? Thank you.

    • I know. The photo of my sweet dog Blackberry got edged out. Felt compelled though to go a different way on this theme! :-)

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    • Thank Lynn. High praise coming from you. This photo challenge made having a blog, and the opportunity it provides to get creative and speak out just sorta extra special. :-)

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  6. Ha Ha!! Now that’s one interesting take on the challenge!! I wonder what he’ll say about this post!! :)
    He should like it at least!!

    • How he feels about this post depends on at least two things: 1. his ability to be truly honest with himself; 2. his ability to laugh at himself. I can’t answer for him as I don’t know him, nor do I have access to his telephone calls and emails to learn more about him, but I have sneaky suspicion that he probably would score low on both dimensions. But as for me, I had a great time doing the post! :-)

    • Not my choice of companions either, much prefer my husband, kids and dogs, but was compelled to put those photos aside for this post and let my snarky side speak! :-)

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  8. It’s unbelievable that all those years, people wearing foilhats were telling the truth. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

    • Oh my, you are so right! The foil hats! I remember those. A little laughter and a little tears, I think both are appropriate. :-)

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  10. Tim says

    A genius post – Mr. Clapper is our constant companion in the digital realm.

  11. You’re so funny! I can always count on you for a little chuckle in my day, and a little different twist to the challenge :) Oh what a mysterious mind you have! Mr. Clapper will never be able to go there!

  12. Your post is so timely. I remember the Martial Law days in the Philippines. There was no internet but the regime ‘knew’ about the people, especially the more interesting ones. Imagine just what power modern technology affords anyone these days.

    • You are so right Imelda and honestly it saddens me that we are using such powerful technology to spy and feed our paranoia rather than accomplish some kind of good. Why? Why?

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