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How Blogging Taught Me There Are No Small People In The World

Hedley Lamarr

One of my favorite lines, from one of my favorite movies, said by one of my favorite comic actors, so perfectly expresses how I have been feeling since last Friday.

My mind is literally aglow.

Aglow with the most wonderful of thoughts.

Aglow from so many incredible comments from so many incredible people.

And what a wonderful contrast this is to the terrible week I’d had.

At work I watched people being horrible to others for reasons I can only imagine are because they believe they can. I watched my employer exploit the power they perceive they have over their employees by treating them disrespectfully. They seem to think because their employees are at the bottom of the employment food chain, because for their work they are paid minimum wage, they are somehow open to treatment that is substandard. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe anyone is less than anyone else, regardless of what position they chose to hold in the work world, or what gender they are, or if they are considered disabled, or what color their skin is, or for any other reason. I simply don’t allow that kind of thinking in my world.

So when I was then asked by my supervisor to lie to cover up their horribleness, I refused. I resigned. And fortunately I am in the position where I could leave. A part-time job can be replaced, but my principles can’t.

I tell you this because, see, while all this was happening, while I got sucked up in the horribleness of it all, I stopped doing the things I love. I stopped reading WordPress, I stopped reading my email. And during that time, a most wonderful, incredible, reconfirming thing happened and I didn’t even know it.

Until Friday that is, when I woke up and told myself the horribleness of the week was stopping and my happy life was once again resuming.

The first thing I did after this declaration was to check my email, and as I was logging in I thought to myself, “I haven’t done this in two days. I don’t ever do that.” And then my messages displayed, and I saw it – a message from WordPress that had been waiting for me for two days – my post No, Our Son Doesn’t Have Leukemia. He Is Autistic and Took Dexedrine had been Freshly Pressed.

Suddenly, with just one message, with just one nod, all the negatively of the past three days just washed away. Gone. Totally and completely. And all that I believe in lit up my world once again. And I have spent the last four days totally and completely immersed in wonderfulness that has come to me from around the world.

So much encouragement.

So much love.

So many people who believe in goodness as I do.

Thank you WordPress and thank you bloggers. You create for me the kind of world I like to be part of and I am so very grateful for this world. Your positive messages have filled my head so with so many ideas, with so many posts that I can’t wait to write, but right now I am overwhelmed in the most magnificent way. My head and the thoughts it holds are bouncing around and well, it just feels so good that I am going to let them keep bouncing for a while longer. Soon, really soon I hope, when those thoughts slow down and I can process all that has happened, I will write those posts, inspired by you and the comments you took the time to share with me.

For so long I thought I was just one small person and wondered what difference could I possibly make. How could my experiences help someone else? But through my blogging journey I have come to see through sharing, it is me who has been helped and that I have learned maybe the most valuable lesson of all.

No one is small.

We all have a voice.

We all have something to say.

And we all feel good being heard.

Thank you for teaching me that and thank you for listening.


  1. That was a great post. I am sorry to hear about you losing your job, but there are many people throughout the world who care about you and hang onto your posts with excitement and can’t wait till your next one. I mean 8 likes within the first day of posting, not too shabby. I get that kind of love on an all-star day for me, and you deserve it and more for being your awesome self.

    • You have, quite simply, made this an all-star day for me. Are you trying to make my head swell? Because if you are, I really like it!!! :-) Thank you for this. Thank you for all your comments. Your experiences and your perspective make me think and I like that.

      • Everyday should be an all-star day for you. Any advice, how to get the masses to come to my blog the way you have?

      • Okay, now I know you are trying to get my head to swell.:-) Well, I don’t know if I can speak about directing MASSES to a site but you know what, if you really, truly want to know my approach to blogging, it is this, two simple words, ready… HAVE FUN! Seriously, it’s as simple as that. Have fun writing about whatever you want to write about, because you know what, if you aren’t having fun writing it, a reader sure isn’t going to have fun reading it. And be patient and consistent and considerate. And see, if you are having fun writing your blog, it is easier to be patient and consistent and considerate because it’s so much fun you want to keep doing it, and look forward to doing it, and you want to take the time to do it well so it will be a pleasant place for you and others to be. There you have it, Charlotte’s Simple Rules To Blogging! Good luck my friend! :-)

  2. Aaaawwww, that is one great post. A feel good one for anyone who reads it I am sure! Happy to hear you resigned from that job – I am, however, sure you will be greatly missed by the good people who worked there! Congratulations on being freshly pressed! It makes me really happy, because without that, how would I have come across your blog?

    • Aaaawww back at you Linda. It is easy to write a feel good post when your heart has been touched in such a genuinely lovely way. My husband Neal and I have been talking about one of the reasons I love the blogging world – you can be yourself and express your feelings in a guileless way. We gain nothing except the goodness that comes from sharing expressions of gratitude that you can’t always share in the world. So many people, in so many places, when you are kind think you have an ulterior motives for doing so, but here, I think we are in an ulterior-motive free zone. At least that is how I have treated this. And I too am glad to have met you Linda. For it is interactions like what we have shared in just the past few days that bring me much pleasure and are the reason doing is so much fun! Thank you! :-)

  3. Brava. I bow to you as low as my crutches will allow. Brava for the Freshly Pressed hat tip. Brava for standing up for what you believe in, especially. I don’t know what it is about workplaces, but more often than not, they bring out the worst in people (ask me why I usually teach or work as a consultant…).

    I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments regarding the warm arms of the blogging community. I’ve worked, studied, and played extensively in online and virtual communities, and while, yes, you can get some of that real-world cliqueishness, it is also a realm of support, connection, and magic. Hard to imagine life without it.

    • Why thank you, madam. But please, please, do not bow too low and hurt yourself!!! I would not want to carry that burden of guilt! Okay, now you got me thinking, consulting, yes, consulting… hmmmm, in and out without the mess. And online consulting, even better, hmmmm….

      • Yep, if you’ve got a marketable skill, and are self-motivated, consulting is the way to go. Some people can do the cubicles and abusive middle management and nonsensical rules and game plans and somehow justify that life. I just know I ain’t that kind of animal :)

      • I think I am from your part of the jungle. Been pretty fortunate in the work world in that I have mostly been able to do things on my terms and now I have some ideas that are brewing. In fact, those ideas woke me up earlier then normal this morning. Pondering a small business idea I can begin with Ted. A two birds with one stone kinda idea. I will keep you posted, literally! :-)

  4. Wow! I’m so happy you made the decision to walk away from the bad job. My husband & I were just talking about this last night, because I was in a similar situation for 17+ years. It took me way too long to make the decision to leave, but it’s been a year and a half now, I am SO thankful that I made that choice! I know you will be too! I’m new to this blogging world, and I am still so humbled and amazed when I get a “like” or a “follow”!

    Your statement resonates so strongly with me…”For so long I thought I was just one small person and wondered what difference could I possibly make. How could my experiences help someone else? But through my blogging journey I have come to see through sharing, it is me who has been helped and that I have learned maybe the most valuable lesson of all.”

    Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, and God bless you on your journey!

    • Thank you, Becky. Oh, now you have me all excited to visit your blog. And with all this new spare time too! Just love how the universe aligns itself and how things work out. Never ceases to amaze me! I’ll be by soon and leave you some of those likes and comments. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a like!!! Thanks for stopping by! Charlotte :-)

  5. Charlotte, thank you so much for visiting my blog & for all the likes and comments you left behind! I love your sense of humor, and look forward to your next post! You are a fantastic writer!

    • It is always my pleasure to get to know new internet friends! I am glad to now be able to count you among them! :-)

    • Why thank you again! It felt good, all of it. It felt good to walk away from a situation I fundamentally believed to be wrong and it felt good to be recognized on Freshly Pressed, and the fact that they happened concurrently, just felt to me like, well, confirmation. :-)

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