Thank You to the Adult Bloggers with Aspergers

the glass is always full

Each and every time I read a post by an adult with Aspergers it gives me hope.

These bloggers, often recently diagnosed, are out there, living life.

They are educated.

They are married.

They have children of their own. (Who by no coincidence are also getting diagnosed.)

They aren’t holed up in some institution. And they aren’t raising their kids in their parent’s basement.

I spent so many years with Temple Grandin and a handful of other adults with Autism as my only hope that my son Ted, diagnosed with Aspergers in 1995, might be able to live his life on his terms.

And with so few role models, with so few people to give me hope, it seemed like Ted would be “one of the lucky ones” if only the gods smiled down on him and the stars were aligned in some ridiculously unusual way.

After 16 years of Ted being the first student with Aspergers in every school he went to, being the only person with Aspergers I knew, of feeling very alone, I no longer feel that way.

I am so grateful there are so many of you and for decades you have been living the kind of Aspergerish life I can imagine for Ted.

Thank you Quirky and Laughing.

Thank you Everyday Aspergers.

Thank you A Quiet Week in the House.

Thank you to everyone who writes about being touched by Aspergers and Autism. You have helped me feel like I have finally made it home.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You to the Adult Bloggers with Aspergers

  1. What a heart-warming post. Thank you. Ted is in good hands with such a wonderful mom. People with Aspergers can go on to do great things. I am 27, have a masters in library science and am a stand-up-comedian who happens to have Aspergers.

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