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If You Give A Girl A Paintbrush and Builder Babe, An Introduction

If you give a girl a paintbrush, she’s going to want to knock down a wall, and if she knocks down a wall, she’s going to want to redo the closet…

Meet Builder Babe.

When Ted left for college I took all the energy from the different emotions I was experiencing (just about covered the entire sadness to gladness continuum) and channeled that energy the way I often do… A PROJECT!

But with me, who has literally taken an entire house down to the studs with the initial intention of removing a single wall, seldom do I simply just paint a room.

The upstairs down to the studs. The downstairs looked this way too.

But that’s a different story.

Ted’s room before I painted.

This is the closest to a photo of Ted’s room I will take now that he has reoccupied the room.

Here’s a layout of the office.

Taking down the interior wall in the office that created a dark, windowless room and a long, narrow hallway to the family room. I didn’t like either.

Neal is a good sport about helping me with remodeling ideas. You can see the closet we removed behind him.

Here is the same area with the wall down and more light from the adjoining room. Gone also is the bowling alley hallway.

The office redecorated with bookcases from our recent trip to Ikea. That was another building project. We came home with 19 cartons!

The art wall was part of the old hallway. I much prefer it being part of the open office space.

Home is where the heart is and where you can surround yourself with the items that make you happy such as Mr. Potato Head and Twinkie the Kid.

When we tore down the office wall we decided to sheetrock over the room’s closet and combine it with the family room’s closet to create one large, walk-in space.

This was the office closet.

The office closet is now the home to my workbench and tool wall. A place for everything and everything its place.

Budget is always an issue when doing remodeling projects so I spent no money painting by using all the existing house paint and “funked it up” by doing stripes. The new walk-in space is happy AND organized.

And to think it all started just by painting Ted’s room.

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Hi, I'm Charlotte and armed with the experience 24 years of marriage, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 8 homes and a closet full of power tools brings, I come here to share how the processes of raising my kids and transforming my home raised and transformed me.


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